Welcome to IFC – Independent Financial Consultants

Established by Kate Evans in 2007, IFC has built a reputation for its open and fair dealings with clients and its speciality for individually tailored wealth management & financial planning. The business has grown steadily over the years purely through client referrals, developing strong and enduring bonds with clients both locally based on the Isle of Man and internationally as far as Australia.

Kate has specialised as a wealth manager and strategic planner. Her considerable experience enables her to fully understand a client’s needs and concerns and help them to make informed decisions about their financial situation and the possibilities that lie ahead.

The company has always taken a different approach to advising clients, often meeting them in their own homes and opting to levy fees rather than work on commission, so clients can rest assured that they are benefiting from client focused professional advice rather than undergoing a sales pitch!

IFC is committed to providing clients with the best possible advice, service and support.